Early rise!!

Janne Thelin, 19th December, 2009


Two very nice gigs at the NDR place in Hamburg!

Friday ended after midnight and the alarm was set to 0400, and we were picked up at 0445.
The jazz world is surley glamorous!!

Two flight's later we're at Arlanda waiting for the last one.
It's hard to keep the eyes open, but we'll keep fighting.

Now it's X-mas and the a new hopefully exciting year!

So from all of us to all of you! 
Merrry Christmas and a Happy New Year

/Janne Thelin



Shopping is creative!

Janne Thelin, 17th December, 2009

Another day in Hamburg!

The three "shopaholics" from the saxophone section (KM, Mats and Me) went back to our friend Nadir who owns the shop we visited yesterday.
Mats had to try a very expensive mouthpiece, which we other liked, on his horn. And ofcourse as good colleauges we were right and it sounded great! So he had to buy it. He's know the owner of a handmade "Theo Wanne" mouthpiece.
KM and me bought a couple of mouthpieces as well.
I tried the soprano mouthpieces that Nadir is making him self, and I gotta say they are very good!


NBB and Nadir

Nadir, KM, Mats and Me (Happy guys!)

After this we went to see the Christmas market and to have a "Bratwurst" before the soundcheck.
They really know how to make sausage in Germany!!

Soundcheck at the NDR place.. and guess what! they really make us feel at home here..
when we got out it's snowing!! 

Now it's a couple of hours left to rest and get ready for the concert.  






Janne Thelin, 16th December, 2009

WOW what was that!!??

Oh... it was October,November and parts of December. I was I bit surprised to see that the last blog was from mine and KM’s sailing, but we’ve been quite busy.

After a very busy autumn with Carla Bley and Co, on to a tour with Jonas Knutsson and Sofia Jannok, a production with Brangwen Dance Co I find myself in Hamburg rehearsing for two concerts in connection with the release of our CD "Avatar Sessions".

We had a rehearsal in the NDR concerthall here in Hamburg to refresh the music. Very nice meeting Peter Erskine again! And it's always nice to play in a hall with great acoustic.

After the rehearsal the saxophone section did an excursion to a saxophone store in Hamburg (one of the largest mouthpiece stores in Europe). We pretty much went nuts there and left the store x hours later. It’s not the cheapest occupation playing woodwind instruments.. anyway me KM and Mats didn’t get enough so we’re going back tomorrow before the soundcheck.

Tomorrow is the first concert and I cincerely hope that we get the chance to amuse as many Hamburgers as possible (no pun intended).

Janne T


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