April 27: What is becoming old is getting new!


The need for some web renovation has been long over due and finally we´re getting there!

A brand new and shining web for the big band are to be built so you can follow us were we play, check out movies, and pictures from tour and exciting collaborations that is happening. Stay in tune to find out more.

But till then , we are putting this baby to sleep and you should go straight to our facebook page were we are alive and kicking!

Click it!


March 1: Live from tour - check out!

Photo: Andreas Walitalo

Photo from an article done by Norrbottens Kuriren - read it HERE! (in swedish though)


Movie clips from our facebook page - from concert in Luleå, Kulturens hus


February 17: Tour starts tomorrow!

Norrbotten Big Band
with Tove Alsterdal & Torbjörn Ömalm


A concert of the eternal longing (and Tornedalen!) The author Tove Alsterdals texts meets guitarist Torbjörn Ömalms music along with the Norrbotten Big Band. 

- I've been thinking a lot about roots ,especially since I wrote the novel In the silence buried about the landscape Torne River Valley. A man is not a tree, we are not stuck in the earth, yet we feel some kind of root system, says the author Tove Alsterdal, who in 2015 goes on tour with Norrbotten Big Band .

Tove Alsterdal will participate on stage during the tour, with her lyrics that meets big band and guitarist Torbjörn Ömalms music that binds everything together.



Get a sneak peak från our rehearsal on our facebook!




January 31: We got a pretty good start this year!

With one exclusive concert last Saturday, 31/1, we performed together with thee amazing Monica Dominique and with her she had Tommy Körberg, Palle Danielsson (bass), Max Schultz (guitar), Chris Montgomery (drums) and Chris Bell (percussion)!

With a full house - what a great start to this year! Thank you to everybody how came out, and defied the snowstorm!


Be shure to check out our facebook for movieshots and interviews from the concert and Swedish radio!


December 12: The Grand Finale of 2014: With Lisa Nilsson


Last weekend we did the last concert for this year, and what a great finale show we had! With us, the great singer Lisa Nilsson, conducted by Joakim Milder.




Here ywe have our trombone player Arvid Ingberg and Lisa at rehearsal.


Newspaper, Norrbottens Kuriren, wrote a review about the show. We're hapy that they liked it!


Click the image to read the review! Photo by Petra Isaksson.

November 24: The NBB & Lina Nyberg Band Tour

Getting ready for Falun! - here with Elin Andersson, Arvid Ingberg.


Concert at Örebro Schhol of Music.


Bosse (what's he doing?) Magnus and Lina.



November 14: With Lina Nyberg on tour!

This week we've been rehearsing with Lina Nyberg and her band and tomorrow we go on tour, starting with Överkalix! exciting stuff! 

With her are: Cecilia Persson, piano, David Stackenäs, guitars, Josef Kallerdahl, bass, Peter Danemo, drums

With her new album Sirenades just out on Spotify - so enjoy! Click the image to Spotify-link!



Överkalix, Folkets Hus, Biosalongen
Saturday november 15 at 5.00 pm
Örebro Musikhögskolas Konsertsal
Sunday november 16 at 6.00 pm
Falun, Kristinehallen
Tuesday november 18 at 7.00 pm
Härnösand, Metropol
Wednesday november 19 at 8.00 pm
Umeå, Folkets Hus
Thursday november 20 at 8.00 pm

October 24: We're in Uppsala to celebrate VÄSEN 25 years!

For about 10 years ago we did a great collaboration with Väsen and when Roger Tallroth (guitar) asked us to join in to celebrate their 25th birthday - we of course were honored and thrilled!

So if you are in the aria come down to Uppsala Concert & Congress tomorrow Saturday and celebrate with Väsen, us and other guest like: André Ferrari, Lena Willemark, JPP (Finland), Trio X, LinnaeusDansarna and more!


Hurry up to get your ticket, the world is stadning in line!

October 23: Poesimelodi

 On our last concert in Piteå with the show Poesimelodi we had the Blue Bird orchestra from the musik and dance school in Piteå with us! Great concert! 




October 14: Young composers in the front!

Arvid Ingeberg, Nadia Sahlin, Liv Wegblad. Foto. Aija Dunder

Yesterday we started our tour with a project that started as early as 2005, collaborated with the county library and of course with the school kids! From ages from middle-school, kids have written poetry and by 2013 they've collected over 300 of them!

By all of these beautiful written words singer and composer Sofia Jannok and poet and singer Mattias Alkberg selected out about twenty of them, that later students from the local music schools in the age from 12 - 16 years where given a poem and wrote music to the words. And 20 newly written music pieces where written with insightful beautiful lyrics and great melodies and harmonies.

The songs where passed over to us in the Big Band and our trombone player Arvid Ingberg and Peter Dahlgren arranged for a big band setting – and now you can hear the result!

And what can you say?! It’s absolute great! Amazing music and now we are looking forward performing with some of the students and that all of the composers get to hear their music!

Great and impressive job everyone!



Our last stop for the tour with the grand jazz singer Caecilie Norby and great bass player Lars Danielsson is in Älvsbyn, and what a phenomenal tour around the county we'd had performing a mix of pop, soul and Caecilies own songs!

Here you can hear a interview in the Swedish radio channel P4 with Caecilie:



And on our Facebook you can watch som snapshots from rehearsal

Interview (in Swedish) from the newspaper Norran from the concert in Piteå - where 96 happy seniors hopped on a bus from Skellefteå to see the concert!

Foto: Lars Norman/Norran

October 3: Finishing off a great county tour with Caecilie Norby and Lars Danilesson!

September 29: Sure, you haven't missed us on Facebook! Right?


Otherwise run right on over to our page on Facebook - where you get to hear, see and read everything right away!


The best way to keep you updated! Norrbotten Big Band - Facebook

If you go over there now you can watch a movie clip from our rehersal with Cæcilie Norby & Lars Danielsson - which premiered last saturday! Check out the tour plan on events and see when you play near by.


September 16: Open house success


Last saturday open house at Norrbottensmusiken was a success! We filled up our rehearsal room and played for a full house!


Thank you all for coming! Great night!

September 8: Open house on friday - concert on the house!



Sept 4: Today we are presenting our program for 2015!


Today Norrbottensmusiken have their annual program present for the year to come - so today the program for 2015 were presented!

We played a couple pieces from the next year to come, one of them is Torbjörn Ömalm and Tove Alsterdal. Were Torbjörn has written music and the author Tove presented her lyrics - both with a center story about roots from Tornio.



Next year we, amongst other, are going for a school tour with Orkester Pop - just listen here!



Sep 1: Opening of Sunderby Hospital new hotel

We joined at the opening of a new healthhotel "Hotel Vistet" at Sunderby Hospital and performed a mini concert and are donating our Grammy-nominated album "Emil, Pippi, Karlsson & Co" to all the children who are staying there to get hospital care or have family who does.

June 9: Summer session with Cecilia Persson!



Cecilia Persson is back! And were going to play and work with her for three days! Cecilia is our Composer in Residence for 2014 and have been working with us during the year, just her and also with her band Paavo (that she has together with Sofia Jernberg)


Cecilia has gotten great reviews for her new CD, check out!

June 5: Watch LIVE RECORDINGS from New Directions Festival!


DLA did some live recordings and were streaming live during the New Directions Festival - did you miss it?!
Well now you can watch it again, and again, and again! All of the four concerts that we did during the festival are posted on DLAplay.se


Norrbotten NEO & Norrbotten Big Band
(first performances, commissioned by Sveriges Radio and Norrbottensmusiken)

Solo: Sofia Jernberg

Paula af Malmborg Ward - Marea

Tim Hagans - Blues and the machines that walk at midnight





May 26: New Directions Festival 2014



We performed together with Norrbotten NEO and soloist Sofia Jernberg - two new written pieces to premier at the festival! Tim Hagans, former artistic director for the big band wrote The Machines Who Walk at Midnight and Paula af Malmborg Ward wrote a piece called Marea - wich in spanish means tide. Two wonderful pieces with two great composers.


Sofia Jernberg

Peter Dahlgren solo


Tim Hagans


Sofia Jernberg


May 26: Proud nominees but we didn't snatch it! This time!


Saturday was the big Luleå Business Award, dressed up our orchestra manager Walter Brolund och general manager of the County Music of Norrbotten Kristina Nilsson attended och sat nervous to hear when they announced the winners. We didn't when unfortunately didn't win, but we send a big congratulation to Galären who did win!


We are proud to get the nominee and next time - we're gonna win! Til then, stay online to get a glimpse from the New Directions Festival!




May 19: He's back!


Welcome back Tim!

Today Tim Hagans sat his foot on Luleå grounds again! And according to tradition he went swimming at Pontusbadet before he arrived to Norrbottensmusiken in Luleå with Paula af Malmborg Ward for a meeting with the press for the upcoming New Directions Festival, starting Friday!


Showtime: Friday, may 23, at 22.30


May 15: Tim Hagans reunion!

Our former artistic director Tim Hagans is coming for a Big Band reunion! Next week the New Directions Festival takes off and Tim Hagans is one of two who comes to visit us! He and Paula af Malmborg Ward has written two new pieces for the occasion and we will perform them together with the ensemble Norrbotten NEO!


SVT Nordnytt (Norrbotten news) 

Tim Hagans


Paula af Malmborg Ward


And Sofia Jernberg is joining us on stage!


May 9: Photo session for our nomination Brand of the Year!



We're very proud for our nomination for the Luleå Business Awards. The winner is announced friday May 23! Nervous and excited!


Luleå Business Awards - Read more




May 9: Finland here we come!


Petter is bringing  his Tutanchamon (that contains his double bass).


Jacek, Peter and Mats is checking and deciding who's got the winning sneakers; or at least the whitest. 


Our driver is steering our tour bus to Oulu! Our guest composer/saxophone player from Denmark sends his best regards: Musik der svinger fedt!

May 7: We've got company form Denmark - Lars Möller!

This week we have visiting guest from Denmark! We are playing with drummer Morten Lund, guitarist Thor Madsen and conductor Lars Möller. Tomorrow we are heading to Piteå to have workshops with the students at Piteå Music College and then on friday we're off to Finland and Oulu and performing at the Valvesali!


Here we have Morten, Thor and Lars discussing the traveling distance between Luleå and Piteå with Adam Forkelid and Karl-Martin Almqvist.





April 28: YOUNG-camp with a great concert to finish off with!


After a weekend filled up with rehearsals, workshops and playing music with these excellent young big bands they closed up with a fine concert with all three big bands on stage and of course we couldn't resist to tag along and play with them, led by Håkan Broström, at the end! So the audience ended up with getting four big bands from north Scandinavia on one night!


Solo by Danne Johansson, he is the one who has put this YOUNG-camp together!

SVT:s Nordnytt where on site to make a feature and so was the magazine Insikt and here you can read what the Norrbottens Kuriren wrote about hem:


Also, a big congratulation to Elin Andersson, trumpet player in AYJO and she also plays with us sometimes, who got her self a really nice job in the fall! She's going to play trumpet in the top musical play off this autumn in Stockholm - Chicago! Elin is going to work with great musicians like Lisa Nilsson, Sharon Dyall and Dan Ekborg who is in the leading rolls.

Congratulations Elin!




April 24: YOUNG - three nations youth big band


Today the jazz orchestra three nation camp begins! Our own AYJO (Arctic Youth Jazz Orchestra) got an early start today, and tomorrow the big band from Norway and Finland joins in! A total of 60 people!


So the office are set in motion and every corner is filled with jazz playing people! We usually have fruit to our coffee breaks, and have order in some extra to all of them. Actually we order 51 kg of fruit! So lets fill up with energy, play some jazz and on the concert on saturday.


So if you are nearby Luleå and Kulturhuset, the show starts at 16:00 and we'll have four jazz orchestras on stage - AYJO, OULO, Nordnorsk ungdomsstorband and Norrbotten Big Band!



April 23: A trip to Munich looking to hit rock bottom

Last week Janne Thelin and Robert Ek form Norrbotten NEO headed to München to do some shopping! And the shopping item was to select the Contrabass clarinet of their choice!

This is Janne and Robert and in the middle the man who is maiking these large instruments, Benedikt Eppelsheim.

At the second floor he has his work shop and we had to choose between two types of contrabass clarinet. And after five hours of test playing we picked one and now Eppelsheim can start to build it.

We have to wait for about a year to get it. It takes time - they are quite big! Looking forward to this!

Check out our facebook site to hear Janne playing!



April 14: Paavo tour with jaws droping

Last week we played music written by Sofia Jernberg and Cecilia Persson, who are the two founders of the group Paavo and joining them Clas Lassbo (bass) and Gustav Nahlin (drums). The week consisted with rehearsal and finnished off with a mini tour in Haparanda, Älvsbyn and Luleå!


We ourself had some extra musicians with us, Elin Andersson and Johan Christofferson was filling in for Magnus Ekholm and Håkan Broström. Conductor Jan Levander.

And the press have been busy writing about Paavo, Sofia and Cecilia and Tobias Lundeqvist from Norrbottens Kuriren wrote: "Tonight we won the gold medal in the national championship in music!"

And the people in Haparanda was prepared for a concert that would make the jaw drop!

And here's a portrait of pianist and composer Cecilia Persson (also our composer in residence this year) who is managing composing, playing, studing to be a nurse and being a parent, all at the same time!


About Paavo, Sofia and Cecilia






April 14: Outi Tarkiainen debut record got review in "Lira" magazine

And we're in it as they point out our trumpet player Danne Johansson as a big band jewel!




April 8: "Oh, the Swedish!" - The Guardian

"If there's one thing more incongruous than a full-time, state-salaried jazzorchestra based in the far north of Sweden, it could only be a subarctic swing band whose artistic director is a passionate fan of north-east pop legends Prefab Sprout." - Alfred Hickling, the Guardian.


We got the Guardian in the audience in Gateshead, and here's the review! Click on the picture to read the whole article!




April 7: Great reviews in the Jazz Journal


While we were waiting for instruments and suits our artistic director Joakim Milder sat down with John Watson with the Jazz Journal and had a talk!



You can read the artical here!


April 7: Back from thrilling days in Sproutland


For those of you who follow us on Facebook you know that the past weekend has been to say the least, thrilling and nerve wracking! When we arrived to Gateshead, our instruments were stuck in Copenhagen, but no one at the airport did know where! So after a massive chain of calls around Scotland we got a delivery with instruments that we could borrow - and we where off to concert!


Django Bates trying out the hotel piano in the lobby!


So after all that said we had an amazing show, in a fantastic concert hall, with a great audience and a big thank you to the people at Sage Gateshead for all of your help!

The concerthall  for the evening, at Sage Gateshead!


Adam Forkelid is getting ready for the show


Our head manager Walter Brolund giving Jackie Thompson, our contact at Sage Gateshead, a bouqet of flower to say thank you to all of her fantastic help!


Know were back home in Luleå for workshops with composer students and rehearsal with Paavo, Sofia Jernberg and Cecilia Persson, for a tour which starts in Haparanda on Friday 11/4!

April 4: We got to Gateshead - but our instruments didn't!!



We arrived to Gateshead smoothly and happy. But when we went to get our bagage and instruments - they couldn't be found! They were stuck in Köpenhamn and at the moment your searching through Wales to find reserves! If they don't arrive to the concert tonight!

Please please SAS can you make an express flight! Or are you in the Gateshead area with some kind om instrument like a saxophone and can let us borrow it for a while, send us a PM on Facebbook!

But some kind of instruments are going to turn up! And you will see us with Django Bates tonight!




Well then be sure to remember to come watch a pre-concert talk at 6.30pm: Alyn Shipton talks with Django Bates and Joakim Milder (free to ticket holders)


April 3: Stockholm - Köpenhamn - SPROUTLAND

And we're off! Right now the hole band is in the air heading to Gateshead! See you in Sproutland!

April 1: Bebop a la Parker by Django


Today we're busy rehearsal with Django Bates at Sveriges Radios studio (well, we got some time for chatting too, as you can see) for the concert tomorrow at Kulturenshus in Stockholm, 19:00

There well be a lot of notes cause we're playing bebop a la Charlie Parker with Django Bates and his trio Belovéd. Great fun!


Here you can watch a video with Django Bates done by Sveriges Radio



April 1:  3 x Radio

In the last week you have heard us three times on the radio! And if you didn't, and missed it! Clink and listen here!


Concert with Mari Boine! http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/338163?programid=4427



Concert with Ceacilie Norby & Lars Danielsson http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/338193?programid=4431


Concert with Django Bates  http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=4058&artikel=5824109


Interview with Django Bates



March 29: Paddy McAloon wrote Joakim Milder a letter!


To our upcoming visit to Sage Gateshead Jazz festival were we are playing with our Prefab Sprout make over, Joakim Milder got a letter from the original founder of Prefab Sprout, Paddy McAloon!


On friday we're heading off to Sproutland, jazz festival and Paddys's hometown - we are very excited and hope to see you there Paddy!


Read the letter!





March 28: We're on the radio - twice!


Now you can listen to the concert that we did with the fantastic Mari Boine on radio. SR P2 recorded the concert and it was air yesterday, so click in on the link!
First you can listen to the choir Arctic Light, then at 20:15 our concert drops in!


For those of you who missed it and those of you who were their and what to hear it again - enjoy!




And on sunday they are broadcasting from our concert with Caecilie Norby and Lars Danielsson after the 18:00 News.


P2 Jazzradion (listen to the show)


March 25: Tour start with a snowstorm and good reviews


On our way to Narvik to the opening of the Prefab Sprout tour, a snowstorm got in the way and we had to turn around cause we were told that our tour bus couldn't get through. We feel sorry for those of you who were planning to come and hear us play - we look forward to see you next time, without the storm!

Nils Olav Johansen - guitar and Johannes Lundberg on double-bass and arrangement


Conductor Joakim Midler who's written lot of the arrangements.


Håkan Broström playing a solo on I Trawl the megahertz.

Adam Forkelid - piano


Back in Luleå we got the rig up and instead had our Prefab-premier on saturday at Kulturens hus! Good fun and good reviews in the local paper the morning after! With words written about the arrangement done by Johannes Lundberg for being stacked with thrilling approaches and ingenious new ideas. And with this concert saying that Norrbotten Big Band are proving that nothing is impossible!

Thank you and looking forward to see you in Stockholm on saturday - then off to Gateshead, UK!


Remember to check out our page on Facebook! There you can read more reviews and get more info!


March 25: Proud to be nominated in the category "Brand of the Year" in Luleå

In the paper!


March 21: We are nominated for BRAND OF THE YEAR!

We're happy to announce we've been nominated for Luleå Buissnes Award in the category Brand of the Year! Previously winners are Facebook and Luleå Hockey which means we're in great company! The winner is presented May 23.'Til then we can only hope!


- And perform of course!

We are on our way to Narvik in Oslo for our premier of the Prefab Sprout project! But tomorrow we are heading back to Luleå so come and see us play at Kulturens hus, 19:00 led by conductor Joakim Milder.

Great news to start off great tour! Thank you!



March 18: From concert with great reviews and now moving on to Prefab Sprout!

We played together with Josefine Lindstrand last friday, and had a wonderful show with great reviews! We'd like to send out a big thank you to all of you who joined us and especially to the wonderful Josefine herself and her music!

Here you can see a clip from the rehearsal at Nordica Jazz & Art

With that in mind we today start the rehearsals for the upcoming tour with the project Prefab Sprout! Joakim Milder and his band are here - and let the work begin! We are heading out on friday with our first concert stop in Narvik, Norway and close it up with a grand finally in Sage Gateshead at the Gateshead International Jazz Festival!


More info about the project

Interview with Joakim Milder (swe)


March 12: Welcome Josefine Lindstrand!

We welcome Josefine Lindstrand and her band who just arrived to Luleå! Today we start rehearsing for our concert on friday. We are playing at Nordica Jazz & Art Festival, Clarion Sense Hotel.

For the concert we have collaborated with songs written by Josefine, which are based on lyrics by the american poet Sara Teasdale, and Peter Dahlgren (trombonist in Norrbotten Big Band) have done half of the arrangement. The songs will be a mix of jazz, pop and singer/song writing.


Josefine Lindstrand album "There will be stars" was awarded with best Jazz in Sweden 2009. And to our concert on Friday we will play a new song with new arrangement by Peter!




See you there!

March 4: We've got company!

Two master students of composition from KHM are visiting us today. Together with us and Örjan Fahlström they get valuable coaching and we get to perform their fantastic works in the end!



March 4: Welcome to Cecilia Persson - our new composer in residence!

Today we start off our collaboration with composer and pianist Cecilia Persson! She is here to coach and compose with us and we'll do a grand final concert in November. Welcome Cecilia, we're looking forward to working with you!


Recent interviews with Cecilia Persson (in Swedish) below:






Trombonist Arvid Ingberg and Jan Allan preparing for the recording.

Feb 24: Recording the album...

The tour with trumpeter Jan Allan is finished. We've played in Piteå, Arjeplog, Luleå, Pajala and Haparanda. Today we'll end the collaboration at least for now (Jan Allan promised to be back when he turns 90! in an TV-interview) recording an album with the fantastic music written especially for this tour and for Jan Allan.

Feb 17: Kickoff with Jan Allan!

Today we start rehearsals with the great jazzmusician and trumpetist Jan Allan. On thursday we go on tour up north. The music we will perform is written by a number of talented jazzcomposers. Read this interview with Jan Allan - and learn what impression he has made on the composers writing for him!





Feb 12: Our new single with Lina Nyberg is out!

Check out "One tone song" on Spotify!


Feb 10: Business as usual...

The tour with Mari Boine + band and Ole Jörn Myklebust is over. Thank you all for a great time! We've gotten the best reviews. Here are some of them below! Now it is business as ususal until next week when we meet Jan Allan - one of Swedens most talented jazz musicians!








Feb 7: Norway-tour-start today!

After a fantastic Sweden tour with Mari Boine and her band (extreme media coverage, a great audience at every concert, check our Facebook) we now will perform in Norway. Today in Lakselv and tomorrow in Tromsö. For those who can't see us, here's a link to SR (Swedish national radio) who recorded one song from the concert in Umeå.





Jan 29: Boines boy band!

Right now we are rehearsing our program with norwegian Mari Boine and Ole Jörn Myklebust. Mari braught her own band and we're happy to collaborate! We had the pressmeeting today. TV, radio and a daily paper came to make interviews. We look forward to the show on Friday in Luleå, which is sold out!

Repetition! TV och radio filmade samtidigt.




Jan 28: Ole Jörn Myklebust has arrived!

Today we start rehearsals with superstar Mari Boine together with her band and Ole Jörn Myklebust who has arranged the music for the tour. Ole Jörn is first to arrive - welcome!!





Jan 17: Boine is first off - exclusive interview here!


Mari Boine


Rolling Stone Magazine loved her concert in USA and 80-ies popicon Peter Gabriel was the first to contract her. Here's our exclusive with Mari Boine, who'll tour with us from Jan 31 under lead of Ole Jörn Myklebust!


Interview here!





Jan 7: New year - and we're nominated!

Right before last year ended we got the great news that our album for children Emil, Pippi, Karlsson & Co is nominated for a Swedish Grammy! We want to thank all of you who have been a part of making this album with us - and you who have bought it from the webshops. The winners of the Grammynominations will be announced Feb 17!

Dec 12: X-mas gifts for listening!

Now you can buy our CD with Outi Tarkiainen and Aili Ikonen at iTunes! But there is also still time to get the CD sent to you home if you buy it at our webstore norrbottensmusiken.se/butik.







Dec 2: This week we look forward too...

We have a lot happening this week. Tuesday Dec 3 we have a worshop with students from Örebro. On Wednesday 4 we start rehearsing with danish jazz-singer Caecilie Norby and bassist Lars Danielsson (who was nominated for the Swedish award Jazzkatten this year).

Nov 25: We expect company!

Joakim Milder playing his saxophone!


Today we say welcome and hallo to our artistic director (saxophonist, composer and professor of improvisation) Joakim Milder who visits us from Stockholm. He is in town to discuss our coming projects! He'll lead danish superstar and jazzsinger Caecilie Norby and basist Lars Danielsson who'll play with us Dec 7 in Luleå. In March 2014 we have an interesting pop-jazz-project with the music of 80-ies popicons Prefab Sprout. Milder will dress the groups hits in a big band costume first that is going to be played in Luleå, Stockholm, Oulu (in Finland) and in Newcastle during the big jazzfestival Sage Gateshead! Something to look forward too!

Nov 14: Tourstart Saturday Nov 16

with Trio X


Trio X (picture from miu musik)


NBB goes on tour from Saturday Nov 16 with the three musicians in Trio X: Lennart Simonsson, piano, Per V Johansson, bass and Joakim Ekberg, drums.

The musical arrangemants are made by lead-trombonist Peter Dahlgren from NBB.

- We'll play big band versions of music by Swedish composer Hugo Alfvén and also some Russian Mussorgsky (whos music is played in movies like The Wizard of Oz, The Big Lewoski and Kopps). We will also present music written by saxophonists Karl-Martin Almqvist och Håkan Broström. Our new trombonist, Arvid Ingberg, has written a song called "The Ship":


- My song is inspired by pop- and folkmusic and the magnificence of nature.


Bassist Per B Johansson from Trio X contributes with a tango. We'll also perform a song by pianist Lennart Simonsson.  Not to forget my own song Raksträcka with a solo by myself. We start the tour in Gimo Saturday Nov 16! Welcome!


Tourplan here!













 Peter Dahlgren, in his studio at Norrbottensmusiken,

in action arranging the music for the Trio-X-tour.


Oct 29: Sweet success in Stockholm!

Yesterdays childrensconcert was a very nice event for Norrbotten Big Band. The concert at Kulturhuset was sold out and lots and lots of children and adults watched the band play with composer Georg Riedel, at age of 78 years (!), and his daughter Sarah Riedel as singsolist. After the concert there was a signing and release of the new CD with the music from the concert, famous Astrid Lindgren-songs in a big band version! The band who'd arrived Monday afternoon in Stockholm flew back to Luleå late evening. Hit and run. And sweet success as luggage!

Oct 19: Stockholm Jazzfestival with Lina!

Saturday Oct 19 Norrbotten Big Band flies off to Stockholm to perform a concert "The Sirenades" with Lina Nyberg (and band). Concert: Saturday Oct 19, Kulturhuset in Stockholm, 1800 hours.

Oct 14: On tour!

Norrbotten Big Band start a school-tour today. Pupils in schools in different northern cities will get the chance to perform with the band!

Jamsession Saturday Oct 5!

Don't forget the jamsession with members of Norrbotten Big Band arranged by Footprints. The session starts after the Lina Nyberg concert in Kulturens Hus.

We welcome Lina Nyberg (and band)!

At the moment all of us at Norrbottensmusikens office can enjoy the music of brilliant composer and musician Lina Nyberg as the rehearsals have started with Norrbotten Big Band. Welcome Lina! And most welcome to the members of Lina Nyberg Band! Saturdays concert (5/10) is almost sold out. Hurry to get your ticket!













Cecilia Persson is in da house!

Our brand new composer- in-residence Cecilia Persson visits us. A very warm welcome! Cecilia is going to meet Norrbotten Big Band, whom she is composing for 2014, during the week. Also she is going to play music on Saturday night, October 5, when she joins Lina Nyberg Band on the piano. We're excited!

Lina Nyberg and Norrbotten Big Band October 5!


The very talented jazzsinger and composer Lina Nyberg has written a piece of music for NBB only. And the premiere of this piece, The Sirenades, will be presented in her concert in Luleå. The name "Sirenades" represents three themes, says Lina Nyberg. The first part is about sirenes, war and disaster. The second also about sirenes but now from mermaids who allure us to forget and forgive. The last is about the serenade: love in all the shapes and forms it may take! More about Lina down below.


Lina Nyberg is best known as a singer one of Sweden's top four female vocalists from a phenomenal era in the late 1990s. Her unique voice is her signature, but not her whole means of expression. She is also a composer, arranger and lyricist. Her various groups become instruments in and of themselves and are equally as important as her voice. For the past twenty years, she has been one of the most creative and headstrong small group leaders in Swedish jazz.

Lina's focus has never been on giving the audience what it wants, but rather on what she herself wants to convey. She does not try to fill anyone else's shoes but her own.

She knew this already when she applied to the Royal Academy of Music in the early 1990s. It wasn't only about jazz vocals. In Lina's words, "I studied with Bengt-Arne Wallin and Ola Bengtsson, focusing especially on big band music!"

The final concert at the Royal Academy in 1993 featured music for a larger ensemble and led to the album So Many Stars in 1996 with the hand-picked Radiojazzgruppen Noveau.

Lina Nyberg's breakthrough came in 1993 together with Esbjörn Svensson. Their duet album Close has become a modern classic. Esbjörn, with whom she worked in the Fredrik Norén Band, was a member of Lina's quintet. When the Smile Shines Through from 1994 is an example of their collaboration.

Since then, there have been over ten albums with various ensembles leading up to Palaver, which came in 2011. Except for Tellus from 2006 and the Caprice Records project Brasil Big Bom with Magnus Lindgren from 2007, most of Lina's recordings have been with small groups. Under different circumstances, there would most likely have been more large group projects.

In 2012, she got the chance to work with the music of one of her favorites, Björk, with the Bohuslän Big Band. Lina wrote four of the arrangements.

In 2013, we will see Lina Nyberg in person with the NBB. The working name for the project is "Sirenade". Lina's music will be mixed with the music of her greatest sources of inspiration, such as Björk, Joni Mitchell, Caetano Veloso and Carla Bley, all filtered through Lina's personality. Lina will have her current band with her: Cecilia Persson, piano; David Stackenäs, guitar; Josef Kallerdahl, bass; and Peter Danemo, drums.





Date City Time
Oct 5 Luleå Kulturens hus 7 pm







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