14th annual
International composition competition
for Big Band

JAZZVERK is a composition competition for Big Band open for students registered at any academy/college/university in Europe. Jazzverk is a collaboration between the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and Norrbotten Big Band.

A jury will select six compositions to be played at the final concert May 30th in Piteå, Sweden, by Norrbotten Big Band.


The course is intended for students and composers registered at any music academy/college/university/folk high school in Europe, wishing to study jazz orchestral composing at a high artistic level. The course focuses on your own composition, including a feedback on the scores from the conductor (through mail before rehearsals and in person at the rehearsals), attending composition clinics in Piteå, attending the rehearsal of your composition and the concert with Norrbotten Big Band.

The course is also connected to a competition - Jazzverk.


May 29-30. Full days at School of Music in Piteå.


General entry requirements:

Registered as a student at any music academy/college/university/folk high school in Europe.


Specific entry requirements:

 An approved work sample consisting of a jazz composition as following: 

• Only complete orchestral scores in PDF-format are accepted. A CD-ROM with the scores in PDF-format. Scores in paper format are not accepted.

• The composition must not exceed 7 minutes including solo ad lib.

• The score should be in A4 format and in 2 versions - 1 transposed and 1 concert score.

• No title of the score or name of the composer or any marks that can identify the composer are allowed on any page of the score.

• The estimated duration of the piece must be visible on the first page of the score.

• Every page of the score must be marked with page number.

• It is not allowed to combine two or more instruments on the same stave (e.g. trumpet 1 & 2 on the same stave).

• All instructions and nomenclature must be in English and/or well established Italian terminology.

• The composition shall be orchestrated with an acoustic approach in mind with the following instruments:


5 Saxophones 1 soprano and/or alto saxophone
  1 alto saxophone
  2 tenor saxophones
  1 baritone saxophone
  No doublings on additional woodwinds are accepted [e.g. flute, clarinet etc.]

4 Trumpets Trumpets and/or flugelhorns
3 trombones No F-trigger
1 Bass trombone No doublings on tubas, tenor horn, French horn etc. are permitted


Acustic grand piano

Bass Acoustic or electric bass
Drum set No specialized ethnic percussion and amplified, electric or
sample drums are accepted

Soloists: Choice of solo instruments is free but limited to the following:
Alto saxophone 1, Tenor saxophone 1, Trumpet 2, Trombone 1, Piano, Bass, Drums.

Due the course is connected to a competition with performances and recordings, the participants have to note the following:

• The organization of the competition reserves the right to record and transmit the entry without being liable to financial demands other than royalties according to copyright laws.

• The composition is not to have been previously published and/or have previously earned awards or prizes.

• The organization of the competition reserves the right to make as many copies of the score as needed.

• It is the responsibility of the prizewinners to inform the local tax authorities in accordance with the fiscal legislation of his/her country.



Latest day for application: January 15th 2013


Search for the course named: Composition Project - Orchestral Jazz Music and follow the instructions. All documents concerning your eligibility must be sent to:



University Admissions in Sweden
FE 1
SE-833 83 Strömsund


Address for application:

Kungl. Musikhögskolan i Stockholm
Box 27711


Your application must contain:

1. A CD-ROM with the score in PDF-format
2. Name:
3. Address:
4. Application code: KMH-DG301
5. Age:
6. School/Academy/College/Hochschule:
7. E-mail address:
8. Short resume of education and career (maximum 250 words)

Admission application deadline: January 15th 2013.
Application code: KMH-DG301
Course coordinator: Ann-Sofi Söderqvist & Mats Hålling
Contact: jazzverk@kmh.se








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